This website employs the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal №39 (BIP-39) as an experimental method to challenge users to type a given phrase as fast as possible. While this practice is common on websites testing typing speed with ten fingers, these words also serve as mnemonics for numeric representations, acting as keys to a crypto wallet that will not be generated but assigned. Essentially, users are manually "brute-forcing" the Bitcoin blockchain by hand while also improving their typing skills.




Although the seed phrase comprises only 24 words, the number of possible combinations is endless, amounting to 2048²⁴. So, there is a minute possibility of stumbling upon an existing wallet, but in reality, it is impossible.




This tool generates a valid seed phrase, which theoretically could be used to store value. But, it is strongly advised against utilizing this phrase as an actual store of value, as it is one of the least secure ways to do so. For more information, refer to the provided guides or the original abstract of BIP39.

The wordlist used in BIP-39 is carefully designed, with each word corresponding to an index from 0 to 2047. The selection of words is guided by the following considerations:

  1. Easy Identification

    Each word is chosen so that typing the first four letters is enough to identify it uniquely.
  2. Avoiding Similar Words

    Word pairs that look alike are avoided to prevent confusion while trying to remember the seed phrase.
  3. Efficient Lookup

    The wordlist is sorted to enable faster access to the needed words, improving user experience

The 2048 images displayed on the website were scraped from Google and might include offensive content. If you find any problematic images, please let me know, and I will manually change them.

I want to emphasize that this tool is solely for educational and experimental purposes, and should not be used to create any store of value.

  1. Github – BIP39 abstract ↗
  2. Github – BIP39 english wordlist ↗

Created by Johannes Strüber ↗